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Legend has it that the first solid food I ever ate was a Welsh Cookie made for me by my maternal grandmother Blodwyn Jones-Morris in 1970. Gradma came to live with my family after my birth, and used her Welsh cookies to keep the grandchildren happy and quiet.


The InFamous Welsh Cookie Company was started by my father, David Browne, after he retired in the 1994. I helped in the "family business" for a few years before branching out on my own in 2007. My brother Michael also makes fine Welsh Cookies. Between the three of us, you can find these tasy treats at over 100 events each year.


The Traditional Welsh Cookie (Welsh Cake, Miner's Cake, or picau ar y maen) recipe has been known for over 800 years. These griddle-fried treats fed generations of Welsh coal miners in both Wales and the United States. We have created original recipes based on the Traditional since 1996. My family and I enjoy them as much now as we have since I had that first bite over 45 years ago and we hope you do too!

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